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Did you know that the UK has the largest number of community languages in Europe?

And did you know that 300 of these languages are spoken in London alone?

At Rose of York, not to be outdone, we have created an international team who speaks 10 different languages.
We recognise the importance of multilingualism and we are proud to offer language courses in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, ….and more
In our hands-on learning environment you will be able to use the new language straight away and constantly keep track of your progress.
All our native-level teachers are qualified and have taught a great variety of levels and classes. They will keep you engaged and develop the language skills you require.
Our language courses are easily accessible to those who work as they take place in the evening.
Learning a new language is a great contribution to your personal development and it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people so, what are you waiting for?