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Each question carries 1 mark

1. I've got ________ friends.
2. I _____ to Paris.
3. He looks _______ a doctor.
4. How many brothers or sisters _____ ?
5. She's an old friend - I ___ her ___ years.
6. When we met we ___ in France.
7. You can't live very long without _____
8. I ____ you if you ____ that again.

Sentence completion

Each question carries 3 marks

Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence. Use the word given in bold.

My brother is too young to drive a car.
My brother is not old enough to drive a car.

9. Do you like English food?
She asked English food.
10. I’m getting bored here – let’s go to a different place.
I’m getting bored here – why else?
11. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the blue shirt or the green one.
I couldn’t the blue shirt and the green one.


Each question carries 5 marks

Change the form of the word in capitals to complete the sentence

Example: I had an operation yesterday. OPERATE

12. Her attempts to control her children ended up as a complete . FAIL
13. She is not an  person. She prefers to let others lead. AMBITION
14. She has trouble orders and prefers to be a leader. FOLLOW
15. I have to do a lot of  for my exam. PREPARE


This question carries 8 marks

Write two or three paragraphs comparing your home town and London.