Rose of York Language School


ose of York is an inviting and friendly English Language school in the heart of London which has been providing excellent English language tuition for over 26 years.
Our primary mission is to assist you in achieving excellence and proficiency in the use of English while ensuring you enjoy your time in London.

Our staff members are very friendly and always happy and willing to help you.
The teachers are dedicated, qualified and experienced English teachers who have a passion and a desire to help you learn English in a fun and empowering way.
The teachers develop courses that follow the syllabus as well as taking into account the needs of their students.

Rose of York has been educating students successfully since 1989.
We have a genuine commitment to ensuring that you, the students, learn English in a safe, inclusive environment and are able to take advantage of all the opportunities open to you here.
The support staff are trained, experienced and informative.

Rose of York is located in the centre of London and offers students a rich cultural experience as well as providing stimulating, useful, authentic, fun and communicative lessons to help you develop and progress your English language learning.
We hope you enjoy your time with us!


Study English

Rose of York Language School is committed to delivering the highest quality English language learning at the most competitive price.

Live in London

Choosing the right place to live is as important as choosing the right course to study!

make friends

You’ll make friends with like-minded people from all over the world who are committed – like you – to learning English the right way.


In the early 1980’s a close-knit family, with a 15-year old daughter named Rose, made the brave move from York. They established a new and exciting language school in the heart of the bustling capital city, London. As citizens of the world, they had a dream to share the English language and English culture all around the world. Inspired by the talent and perseverance of their daughter, Rose, and the beauty, culture and tradition of York, they decided to combine these two concepts to form the name of the school – Rose of York. This combination in the heart of the multi-cultural city, that is London, has resulted in an exceptional language school that upholds British educational traditions.


Rose of York is accredited by the British Council and is a member of EnglishUK.