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Homestay Accommodation

This gives you a comfortable home in central London. Our providers’ homestay accommodation in London is inspected by them to meet the British Council guidelines. This solution adds a personal touch to your London experience with us.

Our providers choose all our homestay hosts for their commitment to making you feel very welcome. They are kind and caring, and some of them have been hosting Rose of York students for many years. We know them well and we trust them to look after our students.

All homestays:

  • encourage students to feel at home and treat them as a member of the family
  • encourage students to speak English as much as possible
  • provide a clean and comfortable room and a suitable environment for studying
  • provide students with a healthy and balanced diet

At Rose of York, we do not place students of the same nationality in the same homestay accommodation (unless requested by the students).

Living as a member of a household also means that students have more opportunities to practise English outside the school.

Rose of York outsources homestay accommodation in London through a British Council registered agency.
Zone 1

Travel Time: 20-30 min
Single Room (B&B): £350
Single Room (HB): £380-£400
Twin Room (B&B): £340
Twin Room (HB): £370-£395
Zone 2

Travel Time: 30-40 min
Single Room (B&B): £300
Single Room (HB): £330
Twin Room (B&B): £290
Twin Room (HB): £320
Zone 3

Travel Time: 35-45 min
Single Room (B&B): £275
Single Room (HB): £305
Twin Room (B&B): £270
Twin Room (HB): £295
Zone 4+

Travel Time: 40-60 min
Single Room (B&B): £250
Single Room (HB): £280
Twin Room (B&B): £240
Twin Room (HB): £270

Homestay Accommodation Details

Minimum Stay: 1 Week
Minimum Age: 12
location: Varies depending on homestay
Travel Time: 20-60 minutes
Room: A clean and comfortable room with a bed and storage space for your clothes. Depending on the homestay, a desk for private study may be available in the room.
Bathroom: Shared with the family or other students
Laundry & Cleaning: Rooms are cleaned weekly, bed linen and towels are provided and changed weekly. Homestays will either do a small amount of your laundry or will allow you to use their laundry facilities
Meal Plans: B&B – Bed & Breakfast (breakfast only)
HB – Half-Board (breakfast and dinner)
FB – Full-Board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)

Homestay additional fees

Accommodation booking fee: £50 (per person)
Summer and Winter supplement: £40 per person per week

Special dietary requirement: £45 per week

Under-18 supplement:  £10 per person per week

Twin/Double rooms: Only available for two persons travelling together

Please contact the School for availability before booking your accommodation

Homestay Locations

London is divided into zones. Some homestays are located in zone 1 and 2, which is central London. Other homestay accommodation is found in residential areas, mainly in zones 3 and 4. Students may have to travel a bit longer in these zones, but they might also have larger accommodation in London.

Students should remember that they will be living in a family home, and, therefore, should comply with the ‘Rules of the House.’

A common rule with homestay accommodation is that students cannot use the kitchen to cook, but they can usually prepare tea, coffee and sandwiches.

Under 18 Students

Rose of York puts under 18s in homestays where the main carer has been DBS checked. All homestay hosts who welcome under 18 students have criminal record checks, and the main host has an enhanced DBS check.

If the school is unable to place an under 18 student in a suitable homestay, the school will use a British Council registered agency. This guarantees that all hosts accepting under 18s are DBS checked.

Parents or guardians must complete a Parental Consent Form for any students under the age of 18. Rose of York cannot confirm enrolment or accommodation until this document has been returned to the school with signatures. Additionally, parents must include full contact details for the next of kin in the Parent Consent Form.

Rose of York includes the school emergency telephone number on the website. Similarly, students can also find the emergency number on the accommodation booking confirmation.

Students that are aged 16 and 17 MUST stay in suitable homestay accommodation on a Half-Board meal plan. Half-Board meal plans include breakfast and dinner provided by the homestay. We strongly recommended that students aged 16-17 book a return taxi transfer before arrival.

Students under the age of 16

Students aged 12 – 15 who are travelling without a guardian MUST stay in suitable homestay accommodation on a Full-Board meal plan. Full-Board meal plans include breakfast, packed lunch and dinner provided by the homestay. Additionally, students aged 12-15 travelling as an unaccompanied minor must book a return taxi transfer with us. If parents/guardians do not book a return transfer, the student MUST be met by a relative (this information is required before departure).

Children under the age of 14 will always be accompanied on their way to and from school and will be supervised 24 hours a day.

Children over 14 will NOT be supervised during their free time. Unsupervised time is from the end of lessons at the school and returning to the homestay, subject to their parents’ / guardians’ consent. The school will show your child the safest route to and from school. Children aged 16 and 17 years will be unsupervised during their free time unless requested by the parents or guardians.

Rose of York is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of everyone. Furthermore, parents must be aware that the school has rules regarding the latest time under-18s can return to their homestay in the evening and parents must agree to these.

Arrival date

Students book homestay accommodation for a given date; however, sometimes the student cannot arrive on that day. In these cases, we require a minimum of 10 working days’ notice from the student. This is so that we can contact the homestay and inform them of the change. If the student arrives earlier or later, the homestay might not be able to accommodate them.

Postponing your arrival date

We understand that visa applications are getting more difficult every day. Sometimes, students have trouble getting their visas on time and need to postpone their course and homestay until their visa is granted.

We consider up to 10 working days’ notice before the arrival date is fair to both the homestay and the student. If students give notice within 10 working days before the arrival date, this will result in paying the homestay one week as compensation. We may still be able to postpone the booking, depending on the availability of the homestay.

If the homestay host does not have a room available at a later date, we can book the homestay with another family. In this case, a student’s new booking will be one week shorter, as we have to pay one week to the first homestay.

Cancelling your booking

If students cancel their homestay booking, for whatever reason, we require 10 working days’ notice. We will refund all the fees paid except for one week. If the student has only paid one week, we will not be able to refund any money. Please note that this may differ should a homestay accommodation provider is used, please more specific information, please ask at the time of booking.

Student’s complaints

When a student requests to be moved to a different homestay family, we would require the student to give at least one week notice. In some specific cases, we might be able to transfer the student immediately.

Most homestay hosts live in residential areas, therefore, students must be prepared to travel between 40 to 60 minutes by bus or underground.

Terms and Conditions

Once we receive the full payment from the student, we can confirm the booking and send a letter to the student with all the details of the homestay accommodation.

Once Rose of York has booked the homestay accommodation and the confirmation letter has been sent to the student, the first week of homestay and the booking fee are non-refundable.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further reference.