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    General English is the perfect course for those who wish to improve their communication skills. It wil allow you to improve all areas of your English language. 

    Our professional English or business English courses give you the skills to perform successfully in any professional environment. We achieve this by teaching the necessary language through a variety of interactive tasks. These courses focus on developing the language skills and functions necessary to perform successfully in a variety of work contexts and situations. Our experienced and dedicated teachers use realistic role-plays to teach the language used in work environments. 

    Our IELTS Preparation course equips students with the appropriate knowledge for the IELTS exam in order to achieve their required score. IELTS is often required for university entrance in the United Kingdom.

    Our Cambridge Exam Preparation courses help you achieve success in any Cambridge exam. We do this by preparing you thoroughly in language awareness. Additionally, we focus on the skills through communicative activities and practice tests. We offer preparation for PET, FCE and CAE exams.

    Content and Language Integrated Learning. Teachers use CLIL as a methodology in the classroom to introduce a second language to their students. 

    The course is for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education teachers -or prospective teachers- who have CEFR B1 (lower intermediate) level of English or above and who are -or will be- required to deliver the content of their lessons in English and not in their native language.

    The Aviation English ESP is well suited to those working within the aviation industry as it focusses on preparing students for the ICAO Language Proficiency Tests.

    These courses focus on developing language skills and functions. Specifically, the skills necessary to perform successfully in a variety of work contexts and situations.

    The course is ideal for Pilots, Flight Attendances or anyone working in the aviation industry.

    The Occupational English Test is an international English language test for health professionals. The OET is relevant to those who are planning to work in the UK or in an English-speaking environment.

    Our OET preparation classes equip you with the skills, techniques and understanding to feel confident in taking the OET exam.

    The Medical English ESP course is aimed at healthcare professionals, university students and generally those working in the medical field. Similarly, this course is great for individuals who need to be highly accurate and clear in their communication whilst showing tact and sensitivity. This course will develop and strengthen the students’ command of specialist terminology used in the English-speaking medical community.

    The Legal English ESP course is aimed at lawyers, legal professionals and students of law. The course covers specialist law related topics, such as, Transnational Law. Additionally, we have designed the course in a way that develops the necessary skills to effectively communicate and perform on an international level.

    20 lessons per week / 15 hours per week
    Monday - Friday
    20 lessons per week / 15 hours per week
    Monday - Friday
    • 198 £

    60 minutes each lesson

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    • 139 £
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