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On Demand Courses aim to

These courses will help you develop your language skills at the pace and intensity with which you are happy.

In response to each individual request, Rose of York’s On Request Courses can be developed to suit you.

One-To-One courses are ideal for students who want to improve and develop their English as quickly as possible in an encouraging, student-centred and intensive study environment with a timetable that works for you.

Groups choosing an On Request Course are able to achieve better results corresponding to their needs because the content can be designed exactly the way you want.

The group courses also provide a unique opportunity for a study experience with students who share similar learning goals and interests.

  • One-To-One

    Meeting the individual needs of each student through a customised course suited to your needs to ensure quick and personalised progression of your English.

    Improve your English skills, maximise your potential and focus on your specific aims with the help of one of our qualified, experienced teachers.

    The One-To-One classes will focus on key, identified needs to meet your personal learning goals and provide you with the opportunity to progress as quickly as possible in an environment personalised towards you.

    This course is flexible, the learning is suited to your particular needs and individual tuition tends to result in accelerated progress.

    You can also combine your One-To-One classes with a group course of your choice to give you a varied, interactive experience.
    The course aims to:
    • focus on the student’s specific goals and needs study specialist, individualised language functions and skills.
    • design a flexible and tailored timetable to meet the student’s personal needs analysis and areas identified for development.
    • encourage progress exceptionally quickly.
    • apply personalised error correction and adapt to the student’s continuing development.

    For more information about booking this course please contact  [email protected] 

  • Group Courses

    Tailoring courses to meet the needs of small or large groups of students with a common goal to progress in English.

    Our Group Courses can be tailored to the needs of specific group requests and age ranges of students.

    They are designed to focus on the development of a variety of English language competencies.

    The group courses are personalised and developed by experienced teachers to meet the exact needs of the learners.

    Students are able to put their language learning into practice through a variety of communicative activities and interactive projects or tasks.

    The course aims to:
    • create a course tailored to the needs of a particular group of students focus on the necessary language awareness and vocabulary required by the group skills.
    • to communicate effectively over a wide range of situations and contexts.
    • meet the exact needs of any group of learners whether it is for general English or for a specific purpose.

    Rose of York has been welcoming groups for many years. We will be happy to meet all of your requests in terms of accommodation, social activities, airport transfer and any other extras you might need.

    For more information about booking this course please contact  [email protected] 

  • Erasmus + Funding

    There is a wide range of courses available in this programme, including General English, Business English, English for Specific Purposes, IELTS Preparation, Teacher Training and Development (e.g. CLIL), the Volunteer Internship Programme and group or One-To-One classes.

    This programme is open to participants from all member states of the European Union.

    Under this programme, grants are available to enable students, trainees, young people and volunteers, as well as professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers, staff of education institutions and civil society organisations to undertake a learning and/or professional experience in another country.

    Application Advice
    Applications for Erasmus+ funding must be made through your organisation, as you cannot apply individually. These criteria are clearly specified in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

    Application Procedure
    Once you have decided on the course you would like to apply for, you must inform the responsible person at your organisation to discuss the application.

    Contact us to let us know your intention of applying for EU funding so that we can send you the relevant application form. Please complete the form and return it to us together with a copy of your passport/ID. We will then issue a letter confirming your acceptance on the course and the fees.

    Your organisation will need this letter when applying for the funding.

    Your organisation needs to be registered on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) and also needs to get a Participation Code (PIC) so that your application for funding can be completed.

    As soon as you receive the result of your funding application, and if funding has been granted, we will send you an invoice confirming your enrolment on the course and the fees to be paid.
    We can only confirm your place on the course once full payment has been received.For more information about booking this course please contact [email protected]

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    For more information about booking this course please contact  [email protected]